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Fighters! Take the superior strength and design of our strike pads and kick shields as a challenge. Prepare to give us all you’ve got!

Protect yourself while coaching and training with our line of Sting strike pads and kick shields. These strike pads are designed to withstand the power of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees so that boxing coaches don’t have to! Protect both yourself and your fighters in training by adding some Sting strike pads and kick shields to your coaching gear. 

Our specially-designed Sting strike pads and MMA kick shields have been used by both professional and amateur boxers across the globe to protect themselves and hone their fight skills. Built to withstand even the most forceful blows, a good set of Sting strike pads and a kick shield are integral to the ongoing training of boxers and MMA fighters who want to defy their limitations again and again. 

Like all of our Sting boxing body shields, Sting strike pads and kick shields are made with large, single pieces of high-density, lightweight foam, so you can experience superior protection without being weighed down. The handle configuration on Sting strike pads and kick shields also allows for an easy but secure grip, so you’ll be prepared for whatever your fight partner throws at you. Ripstop outer skin means these kick pads and strike shields can withstand A LOT of force, making them perfect for everyday training, combo workouts, agility work, grappling, and sparring sessions. 

Whether you're a personal trainer coaching clients or are a boxing coach who’s on the hunt for training gear that’ll help ward off season-ending injuries - Sting kick pads and strike shields will help both you and your trainees reach their fitness goals.

So what are you waiting for? Shop our full range of kick shields and strike shields online now!