Pirštinės moterims

Aurora Bokso pirštinės moterims ..

Fighting like a girl never looked this good nor felt this brutal! 

Calling all female fighters out there! Whether you’re a fitness kickboxer, an amateur boxer, or a budding Muay Thai champion, Sting’s women’s boxing gloves are the perfect boxing glove to suit your training and fighting needs. Designed by professional fighters and for professional fighters, and using only the best build materials, Sting’s women’s boxing gloves are engineered to guarantee peak performance both in and out of the ring.

 Our superior glove designs developed by our team of in-house designers, allow female fighters to reap all the benefits of a larger boxing glove even if they require a smaller fit. With ample padding, a wide square shouldered moulding, Sting’s women’s boxing gloves are poised to contend against any and all opponents, ranging from punching bags and focus mitts to fellow male or female fighters, no matter their weight class. The quad core design of our women’s boxing gloves also allows for an even distribution of weight and power with every single punch, allowing femme fatales to snare their KO.

Our Aurora women’s boxing glove is also designed with a lengthened finger cavity so that you can throw punch after punch without having to worry about breaking a nail. Just focus on breaking a sweat and blazing past your personal bests.

We recommend using elasticised hand wraps alongside our women’s boxing gloves both during punching bag workouts and sparring sessions. The added compression provided by hand wraps or quick wraps will help keep your hands extra secure when throwing powerful punches, minimising your risks of fractures, sprains and strains.

Treat every day like it’s competition day with Sting’s women’s boxing gloves, designed to help you dominate at every stage of your fighter journey. Shop Sting’s collection of women’s boxing gloves today in order to find your perfect fit.