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Boxers and MMA fighters need to take care of themselves both in the ring and on their gym mats. Staying well-protected during fights or training starts with investing in the right abdominal guards and groin protectors. Now you can train in safety and style with Sting Sports - the ultimate in boxing protective gear and MMA protective equipment. 

We've got all your abdominal protective needs covered, from the Competition Light Groin Guard to our cotton groin guard which are both perfectly suited amateur fighters or people who are just beginning to spar. The sleek design and lightweight fabric of these two lighter groin guards allow for a full range of motion, ensuring that you stay comfortable when sparring. As these lightweight groin guards are able to offer full protection alongside total flexibility in movement, they’re perfect groin protectors for budding fighters who may also be training for strength and speed.

Looking for a more heavy-duty abdominal guard? Our Pro Leather Abdominal Guard is designed to provide thorough coverage during competitions, protecting your most sensitive organs during all the most heightened moments of your fights. Made from premium materials that will last a lifetime, the padding is designed to absorb impact and help keep you fighting longer and harder. But you won’t feel weighed down - our abdominal guard feels comfortable and supportive when you're training or sparring in the gym with friends. 

A good fight is about showing up ready to dominate. Protecting yourself with protective gear from Sting Sports is one of the best ways to come properly fight-ready. From common injuries in boxing and MMA to athlete safety, Sting Sports is dedicated to not letting anything stand in the way of you and your fight goals. So if you’re in the market for abdominal guards and boxing groin protectors, shop our full range online today!