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Whether you're sparring, preparing for an upcoming competition day, or training in the gym with your coach, you need to invest in quality boxing and martial arts protective gear to avoid serious injuries throughout your fight journey. You don't want to be sidelined with a concussion because of training without headgear. Or not be able to train for months due to fractures, sprains, or other nasty injuries caused by throwing punches without the use of proper protective gear. Enter Sting’s boxing and MMA protective gear, made by fighters for fighters.

Keep your face safe from injury with our face shields and head guards for those up close and personal fights both in the ring or out on the gym mats.

Putting on your abdominal protective gear is the first step to truly getting ready to rumble. Abdominal guards from Sting Sports can help drastically reduce risk of internal injuries and give your body added protection during both competitions and casual sparring sessions alike.

When it comes to boxing and mixed martial arts, letting down your guard can be a big mistake, to say the least. If you ever forget to protect your weak spots, your protective gear will be there to absorb all the heaviest blows. With our range of chest protectors you’ll be able to step into the ring on fight day or train with your fellow fighters with total confidence.

And don’t forget about mouthguards! Alongside all of our other fight protective gear, we also stock boil and bite mouthguards right here at Sting Sports.

Boxing protective gear is an essential part of any fighter's arsenal. Protect yourself with the latest in boxing and martial arts protective equipment. Don't just fight—fight smart. Get what you need to keep you safe in the ring with Sting Sports. Shop our huge selection of boxing protective gear for men, women, and children online today!