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Do you love the feeling of blocking kicks and dodging punches in the ring? Love to feel your pulse quicken when taking on a new opponent at your latest competition day? Well now there’s a way to feel that rush without worrying about potential injuries. Sting Sports’ range of focus mitts are designed to develop a fighter’s power and speed. Made with only the highest quality leather and other materials, and designed for maximum shock absorption, Sting focus mitts are a must-have for any training space. If you’re hunting for the best focus mitts for boxing training, then look no further than Sting Sports. 

When coaching boxing and MMA fighters poised for greatness, safety should never take a backseat. In fact, our first Sting focus mitts were developed initially out of concern for the safety of trainer fighters. Our team of safety specialists created the Sting Sports range of focus mitts to be reliable coaching gear for fighters and coaches practicing a wide range of fighting styles and disciplines. 

Through their SAS layering, Quad Core moulding, and reinforced wrist wedges or cups for better hand and finger positioning, Sting focus mitts are designed from the ground up to provide maximum safety for both coaches and fighters during practice sessions.

Want to take your coaching gear to the next level? Why not secure yourself a Sting boxing body shield to be used alongside your Sting focus mitts? Sting body shields are both lightweight and flexible so they can be customised for all types of training. For MMA fight training, we recommend our kick pads. Get started right away with Sting’s high-density foam protectors, built to absorb impacts while still providing instant feedback upon contact.

If you’re in the market for boxing and mixed martial arts equipment, a good-quality pair of focus mitts are essential. So don’t wait - shop the best focus mitts for boxing training online today at Sting!