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When it comes to boxing bag gloves, the greater the surface area the better. That’s why all of our Sting boxing bag gloves are fitted with square or round shouldered moulds with a wider head for solid punching during boxing bag workouts. How do we know this? Because we’ve put in the hours to make sure the science behind the designs of our punching bag gloves has a minimal margin of error. 

Sting bag gloves use the most stringent and exhaustive testing processes on the market. In fact, just to make it to market, our punching bag gloves have to go through our famous 10,000 strike rule. That’s right; if a glove does not stand up to 10,000 strikes, it’s back to the drawing board. We know all of our punching bag gloves will eat up 10,000 strikes, making them perfect for long training sessions. All you have to do is train hard, and practice your punching in order to keep up with these killer bag gloves.

Speaking of longer training sessions, our punching bag gloves are also designed with a heat and moisture management liner system, allowing your fists to stay comfortable even long after you first break a sweat. We recommend using our punching bag gloves with a pair of elasticised hand wraps as well, just to keep your fists extra secure during strenuous bag training sessions. 

Sting Sports products are developed with comfort, durability and protection in mind, and our punching bag gloves are no exception. Made with only the highest quality leather, our punching bag gloves are built to withstand even the most gnarly training sessions. Jab after jab, hook after hook, you can hit with confidence and power thanks to our punching bag gloves. Protect your most precious fight assets with Sting Sports.